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"Having seen Simon perform many times I have been incredibly impressed with his unique talent. From everything I have seen, Simon is truly a gifted comedian."
- robin williams
"Wicked fucking funny!"
- doug stanhope

“Working with Simon King was a dream.... He deserves your attention. ”


"...looking for trouble he’s balls out having a good time....a truly funny guy..."


"The righteous, Bill Hicks-ian fury of Simon King”  


"....a force on stage: he gives it to you straight with explosive delivery and his humour always makes you think. Think George Carlin meets Sam Kinison."

- The Georgia straight

"Considered one of the best stand-up comedians of his generation..."


"Finally, Simon King entered the room and, almost as soon as he started speaking, the crowd was roaring with laughter. And the laughter never quieted. King is pure genius.... He never comes off as arrogant, but simply remains likable. And when he topped of his time with a message to the audience about the way people need to be living their lives, it was a poignant moment that proved he cares about what he does. He doesn’t take the stage for granted. He uses it to make us laugh and make us think. And that comparison to George Carlin is not to be taken lightly. King could very well become as influential to comedy as Carlin was."

"It’s not very often a comedian comes along who can perform and write that well. Simon King is a rare talent."

- The Comedy Killers
things i've done and how i do them.

Simon King completely changes a room when he takes the stage. Aggressive, truly insightful and possessing a unique explosive delivery all his own, he bombards and challenges the audience with intelligent and flat out hilarious material at break neck speed. Along with his ability to seamlessly insert characters, impressions and improvisation makes him unlike anything else in the stand up comedy world. 

Being the kind of comic that comes along maybe once in a generation gets you noticed. It wasn’t long before he was being invited to play some of the world’s most prestigious comedy competitions and festival. From his appearances at: the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Edmonton Comedy Festival, The Moncton Comedy Festival, The Vancouver International Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs North West, The NW Comedy Fest, The Kuala Lumpur Comedy Fest, Virgin Music Festival and The Just For Laughs Festival to his breakout performances at the prestigious HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and the HBO, TBS Comedy Festival in Las Vegas: he’s made a huge impact wherever he’s been.

A workhorse and veteran performer with more than twenty years of professional stand up under his belt, Simon effortlessly plays everything from theatres to comedy clubs to dive bars. With numerous national television and radio appearances including Comedy Network, CBC, CTV, TBS, Comedy Central and TBS among many more his resume speaks for itself. Simon has released numerous albums that are regularly featured on Sirius and terrestrial radio and also multiple hour long specials including his latest, the critically acclaimed  “As Good As Or Better Than” directed by Rory Scovel.  

His unmistakable style, commanding stage presence and lightning wit will win you over but the scope, meaning and sheer hilarity of his material will blow your mind and leave a lasting impression. See him once and you will agree there is no question that Simon King is an absolute force of nature.

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