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As good as or better than

This is easily my finest work to date. I'm beyond proud of what the team at Comedy Here Often, my incredible producer Millan Curry-Sharples, audio super-human Kevvy Maher (without both of whom this special would never have happened) and the legend of comedy Rory Scovel my director and I have made. 

When I started stand up I was much more goofy and character based. More voices. Still a message but not as blunt. UNFAMOUS is a good example of this. To become more well rounded as a comedian and because I wanted more from what I did, I put the comedy I was doing away and changed styles. For a few years I didn't do voices or characters and just focused on heavy issue driven material. FURIOUS was made in the middle of this time. 

Some have said I was better at the beginning. Some say the later stuff. This special proves to myself and hopefully anybody who had any doubts that I'm AS GOOD AS OR BETTER THAN I ever was.

Available on 800 Pound Gorilla Media, TUBI, Amazon Prime (USA and UK), TIDAL, Spotify, Apple Music and more. 


Recorded at a punk bar for almost no money and with a bootleg feel this is a special that almost never happened. Somehow it did and I'm very grateful because it marks a time in my comedy career when I had finally figured out how to make the frustration funny. 

When I started I was much more cartoony, as a twenty two year old I didn't know much else. I still had my opinions and ideas but at such a young age they were not fully formed and I was certainly not capable enough as a comedian to attack such hard topics. By 2010 I had enough of what I was doing and with a decade and thousands of shows under my belt I went a bit pear shaped but with good reason. 

I knew that to be able to one day combine both my goofier, cartoon side with my strong opinions and messages I needed to learn how to do high degree of difficulty comedy. 

This special represents five hard years of beating myself to death behind a microphone to learn how to make the dark stuff funny. To channel my anger and frustration and to be a comedian without using my super powers. 

This very well may be my most significant work and I am so incredibly happy this time in my career was recorded. Without FURIOUS and all that lead up to it, I would not be half the comedian I am. 


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