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as good as or better than - album and special 


Directed by Rory Scovel

Produced by Comedy Here Often

This is my favourite special and album to date. I decided to give it away on Youtube because I really want everyone to see this one. 

two for the show - album 

24tshow FINISHED _edited.jpg

As the name suggests this is the companion album for ONE FOR THE MONEY. Same jokes just delivered non clean and in a different style. As far as I know nobody has ever done the same jokes clean and not before. So I'm like, a comedy Neil Armstrong or something. 

Only available on Patreon. 


One For the money - album 


As the name indicates, this is an album done purely as a cash grab for radio play but it actually turned out to be a lot of people's favourite work of mine. Who knew selling out could feel so right?


FURIOUS - special and album 

The album portion of my special available anywhere digital music is sold. 

Full special can be seen on YouTube. 

unfamous - album

Debut album on Uproar Records.

Available anywhere digital music is sold.  

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